Product Review: Ultimate Body Press

Ultimate Press Bar:

Winter is coming, and I'm preparing for the cold weather by acquiring more home gym equipment, so that I can do as many crossfit type exercises at home as possible.  Recently, I was introduced to a site called "Bodyrock.tv" by a friend.  Despite the fact that my friend's motives for sending me there was less fitness related and more "Hey dude, check out this hot chick", the site is actually quite good.

The interval workouts are pretty brutal, totally on par with primal blue print and Crossfit type workouts.  The workouts are well thought out, and...well, the results are undeniable. (just look)  

One of the products I found on the site was the "Ultimate Body Press", which could more accurately be described as a very simple dipping station.  However, due to it's simplicity, the Ultimate Body Press is very versatile and all sorts of really good body weight exercises like reverse push ups, L-stands, leg raises.  Its proximity to the floor makes it real easy to scale the exercises to whatever difficulty you desire.  The best aspect of the UBP is that it's weight and portability makes it easy to move to fit your workout area or setup.  Typically, when using a conventional dipping station, one must tailor a given workout to fit the area around the dip bars.   

The product is very solidly built, and will inspire confidence in it's stability and strength the first time you use it.  The assembly is color coded and simple.  I was off doing my first workout within 20 minutes of receiving the package!

Product shots:

Yes, I workout in my kid's play room.
After having had a chance to use the product for a while, I DEFINITELY recommend purchasing it.  The price tag is reasonable, and always having a dip station in your house is priceless.  As an homage to the site that introduced me to this piece of equipment, I decided to forego my usual Crossfit WoD and try another of the Bodyrock.tv workouts.  It was indeed formidable. 

"Set Fire" Workout:


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