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Here was a recent "Nutrition Tip of the Week" post that I typically make on FB.  Below it is the conversation that ensued:

Nutrition tip of the week: Cut down on your intake of seed oils like canola, corn, vegetable, soy, etc. Research has shown for a while now that it's polyunsaturated fats (and not saturated) that are unstable, oxidizing in the blood stream causing inflammation. It's the inflammation (and not the cholesterol) that cause heart disease (and stroke).
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    • Nick Tiesi I would hope that you are not including olive oil in that. Because "research" has shown that the Mediterranean diet, which is high in olive oil, helps prevent heart disease and stroke
      August 11 at 10:02am · 

    • Ian Dominguez Yes I purposely didn't include it, but with a HUGE caveat. Yes it's true Olive Oil can be healthy, but do you know WHY? The info on that isn't often elucidated to people very well, and people just regurgitate how healthy olive oil is to other people, without having a real grasp on it. Olive oil is indeed healthy, but only in it's raw form and NOT as a cooking oil. Under temperature, it oxidizes and then (although less so) has the same inflammatory properties as other seed oils. If you're consuming PRE-oxidized PUFAs, it's particularly bad for you.
      August 11 at 10:10am · 

    • Ian Dominguez Also, the process by which the oil is extracted from the olive seed (wrap your head around how unnatural that is) uses heat, pressure, detergents and chemicals (highly processed) in an effort to squeeze out the oil. In this process, oxidation occurs, and the antioxidant polyphenols are washed away (The natural preservatives in the oil). This causes further rancidity and oxidation. Generally speaking, the lower quality manufacturers are more processed (to lower costs and raise profit). So, in those cases you've got bad, rancid (oxidized) olive oil already on the shelf. And even the "good" olive oils go bad relatively quickly. So you have to use it in a couple of months or less. To do the research to determine which oils are high quality or not must be done by looking at the italian source for quality as the US has poor regulation on quality. Because of all this, I recommend to just avoid it, or use it in moderation.
      August 11 at 10:25am · 

    • Jamesha Sandoval Chavez Wow Ian. Thank u for your health blog/tips! Been using cinnamon. Lol!
      August 11 at 10:44am · 

    • Jamesha Sandoval Chavez What about coconut oil? I've been hearing alot on this lately.
      August 11 at 10:45am · 

    • Nick Tiesi you should do the cinnamon challenge!
      August 11 at 10:56am · 

    • Ian Dominguez Jamesha! Thanks for the kind words! Coconut oil is awesome for you, and I will give you a long-winded reason when I get back. LOL.
      August 11 at 11:01am · 

    • Kimberly Williams Shelby IAN!!! You rock buddy! I am taking ALL your health information in as I go through my transformation. Keep the info flowing...THANKYOU!
      August 11 at 11:35am · 

    • Ian Dominguez Kimberly, can you enlighten us in what you're doing?! I love it when people get healthy!
      August 11 at 11:43am · 

    • Ian Dominguez Nick, hell no! That's nuts! Never even heard of the cinnamon challenge. Haha
      August 11 at 11:46am · 

    • Kimberly Williams Shelby I am working with Beachbody and their workouts and educating on good carbs vs bad carbs. I am 38 :) and do not expect to be like I was when I was 21 however, weight is not your friend and there is a healthy way to loose weight and a not so healthy way. And unfortunately, many of us have very bad information! I started a fews back and I 've lost 7lbs :)
      August 11 at 11:47am · 

    • Jamesha Sandoval Chavez R u doing crossfit? Thinking about enrolling my freshman son in it after football season.
      August 11 at 12:03pm · 

    • Kimberly Williams Shelby ‎@Nick I have heard that cinnamon is good for those with diabities, it helps control or lower your sugar. Is that what you are referring to?
      August 11 at 12:10pm · 

    • Kimberly Williams Shelby No, I have Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, 10min workouts, and shakeology dvd's. But anything that keeps you moving regularly is good.
      August 11 at 12:11pm · 

    • Jamesha Sandoval Chavez Awesome Kim! I just started up again after trying to heal from a car accident injury. Ugh. One day at a time! :) Go team health!
      August 11 at 1:12pm · 

    • Ian Dominguez Jamesha Chavez, as you probably know, LDLs are lipoproteins that carry cholesterol to the cells throughout the body as needed. (we die without cholesterol) The cholesterol molecule itself isn't water-soluble, and thus needs a protein carrier to distribute it where needed. What happens to lipids like those found on a PUFA-rich LDL, is that the PUFAs oxidize creating smaller, denser LDLs. That oxidation causes the inflammatory, plaque-building cascade. The reason coconut oil is a great and healthy option is that there is much less oxidation, and thus less damage and subsequent inflammation. The LDLs stay large and buoyant, and are able to distribute the lipids where needed taking shelter in a cell before they go bad.
      Saturated fat, like those found in coconut oil, especially those accompanied by rich amounts of antioxidants, don't oxidize in the bloodstream as quickly as their polyunsaturated counterparts (see above post about olive oil). In contrast, the seed oils (PUFAs) tend to not get to their intended destination, oxidizing, creating inflammation throughout the vasculature.

      This article on pubmed talks about how "Virgin" coconut oil is superior to regular old coconut oil, in it's heart healthy effects. I will say though that both VCO and CO are superior to any and all seed oils.

      PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over ...See More

      August 11 at 3:05pm ·  · 

    • Ian Dominguez Here's another explaining the oxidative process with PUFAs: http://www.cholesterol-and​-health.com/Does-Cholester​ol-Cause-Heart-Disease-Myt​h.html#oxinjury

      The cholesterol-fed rabbit produced atherosclerosis but the response-to-injury r...See More

      August 11 at 3:07pm ·  · 

    • Ian Dominguez Kimberly Williams Shelby, that's awesome! Best of luck to you! Give us some updates as you reach your goals!!! Funny thing, today I went in for a check up at the doctor, and I found out that I'm 22 lbs lighter than my last visit in Feb, and my Body Fat percentage was 11%. I haven't been that low since HS.
      August 11 at 3:15pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Roberta Griego olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil are better. ;)
      August 11 at 4:11pm · 

    • Ian Dominguez Avocado oil is great as well, but again, similarly to Olive Oil, don't cook with it, as it oxidizes easily under heat. Drizzle it over salads, (along with olive) and it's very healthy. OR pour it over already cooked foods. I cook primarily with animal fats, ghee, butter, or coconut oil, as they are the most stable under heat.
      August 11 at 9:15pm · 

    • Jamesha Sandoval Chavez Oooo very interesting about the oils Ian! I just bought some virgin coconut oil. It smells yum. Ian r u doing crossfit?
      August 11 at 9:49pm · 

    • Ian Dominguez yep, on my own. I had to put my membership on hold until my shoulder is back up and running. (Rotator cuff injury)
      August 11 at 9:52pm · 

    • Nick Tiesi this is the cinnamon challengehttp://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=mNQEcTGkAgM

      The BEST Cinnamon Challenge Video Featured Main Page on Ebaumsworld.com

      August 11 at 10:38pm ·  · 


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