Paleo/Primal Meetup

The Paleo, Primal, Evolutionary nutrition community is growing by leaps and bounds.  Despite that fact, as a person who eats the way we do, you get a lot of crossed faces when the mention of our lifestyle pops up in conversation.  This can lead to all sorts of awkwardness, especially if one isn't particularly steeped in science (as most of us are not) and the non-paleo eater (NPE) asks you to defend your position on nutrition.

In my case, I'm always having scientific discussions and debate with all sorts of variety of NPE, particularly those in the medical industry like RNs, RDs, and MDs.  Thankfully, I've got a moderate background in science and I've recently geeked out on the subject sufficiently to hold my own in such encounters.

But still, this gets old.  JUST once, I've wanted to have a meal with like-minded folks who "GET IT."  Since I've been on this journey, I've longed for the chance to sit and chat about subjects related to evolutionary nutrition and lifestyle without people thinking I was either:
a) crazy

b) in a cult
c) misinformed
d) all of the above

Well finally I got my chance!  The folks over at Paleo Parents hosted a Meetup group here in the Northern Virginia/DC area.  (You can find this group here)  I have to tell you, what a breath of fresh air!  It was so nice to not have to worry about the food quality, and whether or not it was paleo-friendly.  Not to mention the food was FANTASTIC!  And more importantly, the company was fantastic.

We shared stories about how we got in to the paleo lifestyle, how our health and lives have improved as a result.  Many amazing results were evident.  One gal, Karen has just about reversed her diabetes.  The hosts of the party, Matt and Stacy, have lost a combined total of 200 lbs!  Stacey herself has lost a miraculous 134 lbs!  Of course, all of that was overshadowed by the deliciousness of the pulled pork, salmon, walnut based red pepper dip, and apple pie cupcakes, just to name of few of the delicious entrees gracing the dinner table.  

Some of the folks were newbies, and they had lots of questions!  Particularly, on the subject of breast feeding.  Stacy, as you may already know, authored a guest post on the Angelo Coppola's blog, entitled:  "Breastfeeding: Advice from a Recovered Boob Nazi", and did a wonderful job of alleviating some of the concerns the mothers had about some of the misconceptions of how paleo and weight loss may or may not affect the quality of breast milk. To me, this is the brilliance of such gatherings! It's about socializing, education, and spreading the word of paleo, towards which the meetup was a fantastic success! Kudos to Stacy and Matt for the wonderful event. I'll be attending regularly.

If you have a chance, I strongly encourage you to look for a local community of some kind, be it thru Meetup, or online forums, Facebook, what have you. The experience will be well worth it I assure you. For those of you in the Northern Virginia/DC area, I encourage you all to try and make it to one of our meetups! Again, here's the link to our Paleo Meetup Group.

For the next Meetup? Perhaps a primal workout group for Weekly workouts? What do you all say?


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