Dr. Lustig's video "Sugar: The Bitter Truth"

A big thanks to Angelo Coppola from "The Latest in Paleo" for this video.  While searching his archives months ago, I came across Dr. Lustig's lecture at UCSF.  He's a professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, and believe me, he knows his shit. Check it out:

At about 38 min there a great explanation about LDLs (patterns A & B), Triglycerides, and HDLs.

At about 43 min, he goes in to the Biochemistry behind fructose and how it makes us fat and contributes to inflammation and cardio vascular disease.

This is a MUST-WATCH!

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, in the Division of Endocrinology Director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at UCSF


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