Paleo Pho Recipe!!!

I LOVE Pho.  It's quite possibly my absolute favorite food.  I heard in the podcast "The Latest in Paleo" that Angelo's wife Amy had a Paleo friendly recipe!  I had to post a link to this for my peeps...

Here it is:
Paleo Pho Recipe

PS- if you haven't listened to Angelo Coppola's podcast on 5by5 entitled "The Latest in Paleo, you absolutely should.  It's very well done, with the best production value of any of the paleo podcasts.  It's particularly friendly for those just getting started as many of the other podcasts are very advanced in terms of biochemistry, science, and jargon.  They tend to be esoteric and full of inside jokes that new paleo folks will find confusing.  Angelo does a great job demystifying it all.

Check it out!


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