Paleo Spaghetti and Jalapeno Meatballs using Spaghetti Squash and Bison.

Okay, one caveat here.  This recipe is MONEY if you use ground beef.  Bison?  Not so much.  It's okay, but as a ground meat Bison's real value is as a hamburger.  (where it's really good)  But as a meatball, the gaminess (which many will tell you doesn't exist) interferes with the sauce.

I recommend doing this recipe with ground grass fed beef instead.  (Ah, the mighty cow reigns supreme)

Spaghetti squash whole.  
Poke holes with a knife, and microwave for 14 minutes. (Easiest way)  Let stand for 8+ minutes lest you end up in the burn unit.  Spaghetti squash can kill you if opened too soon as it's contents somehow manage to defy the laws of thermodynamics and elevate to temperatures hotter than the core of the sun.

De-seed and core the halved squash.  For tutorial go here:  http://www.ehow.com/video_2346671_deseeding-squash-spaghetti-squash-casserole.html

Dice up some jalapenos

Bison...great for burgers, just "okay" for meatballs.  I prefer grass fed organic beef in it's stead.  I promise the difference is worth it.  It makes this recipe a 10 if you do so.

Bacon, the official meat-condiment!
Fry and leave grease in pan.  Crumble in to fine pieces.  Don't over-cook, so that you can give the bacon some cookablity in the meatballs.  (But cook enough to be able to crumble)  You're not stupid, you can do this.  
Place crumbles in to meat along with jalapenos.

Squish up and mix..use your primal hands caveman!

Roll in to balls, you pick the size.  Place in to pan that has been heated to medium heat, remember, the bacon grease is already in there.  Don't leave in one place too long, or they flatten.  Roll often, till browned all over.
The bacon grease makes it so you don't need to add water as some may do...  
Bacon grease...mmmMMmmm...

Add sauce, let cook covered for another 20 minutes or so on medium-LOW heat...(depends on how cooked they are from frying and how big the balls are)  

Plate your spaghetti squash.  Add butter.
“With enough butter, anything is good.” Julia Child

Add sauce (i had an extra piece of bacon I put on top)
Add cheese.

Enjoy!  It's good!

Here's an example of the spaghetti squash in motion to show how it is spins on a fork.  It's not that similar to noodles, but good..with a bit of a different bite.  Very fulfilling and very yummy.  


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