Over training, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Crossfitting responsibly

So, lately I've been battling with the amount of training I'm supposed to be doing.  According to Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson, over-training results in increased cortisol and thus metabolic derangement which leads to belly fat, and fitness regression.  Then, there's the issue of "chronic cardio" and it's affects on the vasculature.

There's tons of research, evidence, and anecdotal evidence that chronic cardiovascular exercise results in inflammatory processes and atherosclerosis.  Many endurance athletes counterintuitively suffer from heart attack and stroke due to the stress and thrombotic nature of long distance, intensive, and chronic cardiovascular exercise, namely marathon type running.

So what's a crossfitter to do?

I've been limiting my crossfitting to 2-3 times per week, and doing more slow-paced exercise, namely strength training, during the days in between crossfit days.  This is hard to do...but I think better for my long-term health.  I WANT to go to crossfit 4-5 times per week.  But reading Mark and Robb tends to make me think that I should keep my time there dialed way down.  Issue with that is, I'm very competitive, and I'm not making performance gains on my classmates.

How will this affect me?  I'll keep you all informed.


I'm dealing with this issue right now. I like working out several times a week, but my body is not as tight as I would like. So, I'm scaling back my cardio as a test to see whether increased cortisol as the result of over training is the culprit.

For the past few weeks, my new regimen has been 60-minute cardio workouts three times a week, one 45-minute strength training/core session, and twice-weekly 45-minute power yoga sessions. Adding yoga back into the mix has made me feel leaner already. I'll have to see how I feel over the long haul. Are you meeting your fitness goals?

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