Dealing with Paleo-prejudice (rant warning)

The thing that people don't tell you when you're reading paleo books such as the Primal Blue Print or The Paleo Solution is how non-paleo people are going to react to your lifestyle change.  The fact that you don't eat sweets and breads becomes a topic of discussion EVERY time you don't partake or indulge in things like cake and ice cream at a social gathering.  It’s somehow “insulting.”  Which is ridiculous.  After all, it’s just food, it’s my body, and my pie hole.  So what the hell's the problem?

Recently, I've had to deal with people making snide remarks when I choose not to eat something.  And no, I'm not being sensitive, they do intend these statements to be accompanied with the typical condescending eye roll that usually underlines such a remark.  Their ignorance aside, the question begs:  Why the fuck do you care whether or not I eat like you?  Isn't it up to me?  Isn't it my decision?  It's almost as if people think I'm either a) full of shit, or b) some kind of food elitist.  And it absolutely tilts them to no end that I don’t want a crème brule after my steak and veggies.  Why can't these folks understand that when I don't eat grains and sweets I'm JUST trying to be healthy, and that my non-participation doesn't shouldn't translate to "I'm better than you."

I don't preach or condescend to people (although my fiancé would beg to differ) when they indulge in the Standard American Diet (SAD).  I’m trying to lead by example.  Eat well, eat paleo, workout, and keep my mouth shut.   But they invite me to argue the point when they ask me "why?"  "Why can't you eat this?"  And then all of a sudden the onus is on me to regurgitate all of the research and science behind the concepts, for which, to be perfectly honest, these people are ill-equipped to understand anyway.  And believe me, after 10 queries of this type…you're OVER it.  

Which brings me to question #2:  Why do people who are under-educated about the subject of science, medicine, anthropology, and nutrition so quick to roll their eyes at the idea of eating like our ancestors?  I understand that it’s a leap for a creationists who dismiss the very idea of evolution and the notion that we even “evolved” in the first place.  (Kind of hard to buy in to the idea that we are biologically and evolutionarily meant to eat a certain way when you believe humans used to ride dinosaurs to hunt brontosaurus.  But what of other, non-creationist, and otherwise intelligent human beings?

I don't see people doing this towards vegans and vegetarians.  Is it because they can hide under the veil having a noble cause, aka the “I don’t eat animals because I care about them" diet?  Read a book, do some research, try the diet, and THEN come back to me and tell me I'm full of shit.  All that'll happen is you'll lose fat, get stronger, and feel better...but if that's not something you're in to, by all means, feel free to stroke out as a limbless diabetic on the current Standard American Diet (SAD) if you like.  (Okay, that was condescending, but I'm fired up here and haven't had my cup of coffee yet)

All I know is the results I’ve gotten from the diet are amazing.  
Here are some of the gains I've experienced:  I’ve lost weight, toned up, and increased strength and endurance.  I sleep better, my sleep apnea is gone, and my hiatal hernia symptoms have resolved.  I don't even need the nexium anymore.  My body fat percentage is lower than ever.  I’ve gone from a legit size 35 waist to a 30…pushing 29.  Best of all, my blood work is off-the-charts good.  High HDLs.  Moderate LDLs with very few of the small sized LDL type of LDL subclass pattern B (LDLs 1-7 responsible for atherosclerosis), and triglycerides (also responsible for atherosclerosis).  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14636882

  • What has weight watchers done for YOU lately?  Jenny Craig?  How about that awesome grain-dominated food pyramid?  
  • If you got results, can you live on a diet your entire life?  No?  Portion control high in carbs and low in protein and fat isn't realistic?  Shocker.
  • Paleo is not a fad diet.  And not only can I live on this for the rest of my life, but I will live longer than you will.  Notice how miserable you are counting calories?  
  • Guess what?  I DON'T count calories and I'm losing fat.  
  • You're hungry?  I'm not.  
  • LDLs and Triglycerides still high on your low-fat, high carb, calorie-controlled diet?  Guess what, my blood work is amazing. 
  • Perhaps you're hungry because you’re body just spiked some insulin due to the fact that you ate a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast.  How many points was that? 
  • Or was it the bran muffin.  Better grab a Kit Kat…got to get that sugar back up.  
  • I feel great…what about you?  Thinking about that cup cake aren’t you?  I’m not.  Not losing weight?  Perhaps it’s because it’s not about calories, so much as it’s about WHAT YOUR PUTTING IN YOUR PIE HOLE.  

...okay..end of rant....


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