Paleo Breakfast. Bison stir fry breakfast!

Here's a yummy bison stir fry breakfast.  Totally paleo (except for a pinch of salt added to the egg)

Ground Bison, brown with pepper, put aside.

Chop up Yellow and Red bell peppers and Jalapenos.

With Olive Oil, cook on high to braise the bell peppers first, and this will keep them slightly al dente.  Once braising starts, add jalapenos as they take less time to cook.

Scrambled egg tip:  Microwave them.  Here I took out one yolk, threw in a splash of water (fluffs), then added pepper and a little (very little) salt.  Cook on high for 40 secs, flake with fork and then finish cooking for another minute (or so)

 After all items are braised, add bison back in to pan.  Add minced garlic.   Brown Garlic and it's all done.

 In separate pan, reduce some tomatoes in olive oil.

 add spinach leaves

 Cook and mix...this will be a side item.

 There you have it!  Totally Paleo, and totally yummy!


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