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New Balance Minimus and Crossfit

Well, the minimalist running trend has hit the markets full blown.  No longer must everyone succumb to the silly looking Vibram Five Fingers style of barefoot running shoes.  Introducing the "Minimus" by New Balance which uses a Vibram sole.  I have been looking for some shoes to accompany my workout regimen at Crossfit Sweat here in Springfield, VA.  I was told I needed a flat-footed shoe like Chuck Taylors, Weight lifting shoes, or Vibram FF were good CF choices.  However, there was one problem.  I didn't like the versatility of the first 2 and I didn't like the looks of the Vibram FF.

And low and behold 2 new shoes hit the market in the Minimus and the Merrell Trail Glove.  After reading many reviews I opted for the NB's.

Here are some pics:

Compared to my CF unfriendly running asics you can see the size and the difference in sheer bulk.

I DO like the styling and the rugged materials used.

After walking in them for a while, I noticed some damn impressive grip, and they are definitely comfortable.  Just remember that you can't just jump in these and start running.  You MUST train your feet and train to run in the POSE method.  I'm going to use these primarily for gym work, where running isn't a huge part of the WoD.  Box Jumps, Lifts, Etc.  After I get used to them, I'll then use the for short runs.  

I'll keep you all posted.  


Inov-8 Army Green F-Lite 230 available at Again Faster

I want these...

Army Green F-Lite 230 Pre-Sale

The iconic Inov-8 F-lite 230, CrossFit's go-to shoe, in a rugged OD Green. Available only at Again Faster, this limited edition is restricted to 1000 pair. Pre-order yours today, and reserve a piece of history. Shoes will be delivered in July 2011.

Available at Again Faster.


Paleo Breakfast. Bison stir fry breakfast!

Here's a yummy bison stir fry breakfast.  Totally paleo (except for a pinch of salt added to the egg)

Ground Bison, brown with pepper, put aside.

Chop up Yellow and Red bell peppers and Jalapenos.

With Olive Oil, cook on high to braise the bell peppers first, and this will keep them slightly al dente.  Once braising starts, add jalapenos as they take less time to cook.

Scrambled egg tip:  Microwave them.  Here I took out one yolk, threw in a splash of water (fluffs), then added pepper and a little (very little) salt.  Cook on high for 40 secs, flake with fork and then finish cooking for another minute (or so)

 After all items are braised, add bison back in to pan.  Add minced garlic.   Brown Garlic and it's all done.

 In separate pan, reduce some tomatoes in olive oil.

 add spinach leaves

 Cook and mix...this will be a side item.

 There you have it!  Totally Paleo, and totally yummy!


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